Captivo, the platform that reimagines the corporate learning experience

Captivo, the platform that reimagines the corporate learning experience
Montreal, Quebec, May 26, 2021. Specialized in Microsoft technologies software solutions, Emyode expands its expertise and unveils its modular learning management platform Captivo (formerly Training Manager).
This announcement reinforces Emyode's primary mission of supporting companies in their digital transformation, particularly by digitizing and centralizing all activities related to employee learning within a single platform.
Emyode has proven expertise in compliance management in the aeronautics sector with Training Manager and is now conquering new industries with Captivo. Our products goal is to revolutionize learning management and experience with an application that combines flexibility and simplicity. With this new vision, Emyode also intends to expand its reach in the North American market.
To meet the exponential need of integrating learning at the core of their growth strategy, Emyode wants to shape Captivo in collaboration with its customers, based on their business reality. Captivo aims to make the learning experience attractive and allow employees to increase their skills through entertaining and motivating training. Built on the latest Microsoft technologies and based on the Azure cloud, the Captivo platform integrates with Microsoft Teams collaboration environment and supports all forms of training.
The purpose of this transition is to better reflect Emyode's vision and innovation strategy, but also its proven expertise in software development as a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Captivo is a collaboration tool for human resources, employees and businesses. The enhanced solution streamlines administrative management, harmonizes talent management data and reduces training costs.

This platform is designed to ensure the professional and personal development of employees by offering a single experience that meets the fulfillment needs of each employee in a specific way. Captivo helps create a corporate culture where learning is the key to employee, customer, and partner satisfaction, thereby enhancing business performance.

This launch is supported by a new website dedicated to Captivo and the e-learning market, as well as a new branding.

About Emyode

Emyode is a firm made of specialists that have been powered by current and emerging Microsoft technologies for over 15 years . As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Emyode develops new applications, modernizes existing solutions and ensures their management and monitoring, all with one goal in mind: to provide peace of mind during the evolution of its clients’ applications. Convinced that the key to a company’s success is its relationship with its employees, Emyode promotes best practices in human resources management and maintains open communication, which ensures that its employees are engaged and mobilized. It is to this extent that the company wanted to offer an innovative learning platform that rethinks traditional training processes.

About Captivo

As an evolution of the Training Manager solution, Captivo is a Montreal-based e-learning management platform powered by the software development company Emyode. Based on the Azure cloud, Captivo is a modular platform designed to meet the needs and growth objectives of its clients. By integrating the latest Microsoft technologies, Captivo is a tool that simplifies human resource management, enhances employee development and growth, and increases the performance of the company and its business partners.