Global Aviation

Integrated Captivo learning platform to provide and streamline compliance training

PROJECT Ensure compliance management and facilitate audits by centralizing data on a single platform, accessible at all times  
SOLUTION Development and integration of Captivo Azure cloud-based learning platform based and implementation of alerts  
CLIENT Global Aviation Inc.
Ground Handling Company

About Global Aviation

Global Aviation Inc. is a Ground Handling Service Company providing Airport, Aircraft and Customer Service.  

Specialized in superior quality aviation ground handling, the services they provide include passenger services, cabin cleaning (Turns, RON’s and Deeps), aircraft exterior wash, aircraft interior detailing, aircraft and office disinfectingramp ground handling services and additional labour resources provisioning for any or all the above services. 

Strengthened by their expertise, this Canadian based company which also operates in the US is experiencing rapid growth, allowing the ground handler to expand quickly.  

Their mission is to deliver safe, quality, on time and environmentally conscientious service provided by a well-trained, respectful and trustworthy workforce.  


Aviation, and particularly ground handling, requires constant and reliable training to ensure customer satisfaction and safety standards. This training is highly diversified and in constant need of evaluation in order to make sure employees are trained on the latest information from both airlines and aviation governing bodies.

Compliance standards are particularly strict in this sector and need to be strictly followed to avoid non-compliance and to ensure the highest safety standards are met. 

To ensure compliance training and facilitate airline audits, ground handlers need to modernize and automate their processes to ensure the accuracy of information. Centralizing data into a continuously accessible single platform is key to anticipate audit.

This is what Global Aviation has recently done by integrating the new Captivo learning platform. 


Ground Handling teams must ensure that the aircraft they service is handled safely, in accordance with the airlines specifications while achieving an on time departure. Customer experience is required to be irreproachable.  
Global Aviation faces a double challenge. On one hand, the company must constantly train its teams to meet the specific needs of each customer. Each airline must ensure that training prerequisites are met. On the other hand, the ground handler must guarantee its own training needs. Especially in terms of safety and customer service.
Global Aviation’s management team routinely used an Excel file to record ground handling crew training data. Using this modus operandi, the human resources department was faced with many challenges. Firstly, the file had to be filled manually, which required a lot of time. Secondly, it is a process that requires great attention to avoid the loss of information. And finally, it is an internally hosted file, which implies that the consultation of the document is not accessible from any location. This poses a major problem in the light of the many audits carried out by airlines 


Captivo LMS provide access to data from anywhere and by anyone. With its cloud-based platform, Captivo has established its position as the ideal training solution for Global Aviation

Time and cost savings

With Captivo, data flows are automated and centralized on a single platformGlobal Aviation thus ensures the accuracy of its information, and avoids errors related to errors or omissions that can be costly. 

Accessibility The Azure cloud-based platform allows everyone to connect and have a real-time view of employee training data. Airlines from anywhere in the world can instantly verify that all team members have completed their training.  
Simplicity and security

Captivo brings true simplicity to training management by providing increased visibility across the entire network. The platform provides complete transparency of information and makes it easy to manage sessions and ensure that compliance training is fulfilled. In addition, with its cloud expertise, Captivo provides absolute data security



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