Easily upskill your workforce for the new ways of work

Quickly develop your employees & teams as the market evolves with the Captivo learning management system.


All your learning activities
in one single LMS platform

With Captivo learning management system (LMS), all your knowledge sources are centralized into a single platform, showcasing all the activities relevant to your business, as well as to your learners and their contexts.

Captivo Montreal LMS: centralize all your learning activities

A scalable learning management system

Do you want a LMS platform that's different from what is on the market today? Let's work together to scale your own learning system with the ability to integrate specific modules powered by Microsoft Azure to address new challenges or needs.

Captivo LMS on Microsoft Azure cloud

Customized training programs for your employees efficiently

Engage your employees and foster their professional development with personalized, targeted learning experiences.

Built in Montreal, Quebec, the Captivo LMS is designed to be scaled according to your needs

Provide unique learning experience

Integrate the learning culture into your core values by choosing a learning management system that is entirely designed to meet your needs. This is key to your organization's performance.
Integrate. Use. Scale.

Our vision: a platform that grows with you as you evolve

  • 01 Integration
  • 02 Getting started
  • 03 Scale

Implementing the Captivo learning platform

Integrate the Captivo platform and connect it to your existing tools without having to adapt or adjust your existing environment and processes.

Custom Size – 12


Discover your Captivo interface

Discover your Captivo interface and get familiar with your learning platform for an optimal use.

Custom Size – 10


Scale your learning vision

Once the platform is integrated and deployed in your ecosystem, let's think together about the specific modules to add to your platform to address your current and future challenges, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning or augmented reality.

Custom Size – 15


Challenges tackled by the Captivo elearning platform

Governance Governance Streamline the management and development of your ecosystem's skills.  
compliance Compliance Streamline, automate and track compliance training effectively.  
experience Experience

Leverage customized user interfaces
and dashboards.

diffusion Delivery Deliver relevant content to each
of your learner categories.
integration Integration

Add modules specific to your needs
to create your platform.

analyse Analyze Take advantage of customizable reports to take your organization to the top.  

They trust us

Several major organizations in different industries decided
to trust Captivo to reimagine their learning experience.


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