Grow with your people and unlock their full potential

Your employees are key to your growth.                          Give your talents a learning experience that meets their professional expectations and ensure their personal fulfillment.


Your content management
and delivery

Manage your entire training content and customize your interface according to your needs. Add surveys, quizzes, glossaries, SCORM files and many other external resources that will develop your employees skills. 

Content Management

Your employees upskilling

Encourage your employees to develop their skills according to their needs and the needs of your organization. Captivo has a wide range of modules that allow your talents to develop their technical, social and behavioral skills, guaranteeing a successful and flourishing company. 

Employee upskilling

Career Opportunities

You want more engaged employees who stay longer? Retain your talents by encouraging internal career development. Anticipate tomorrow's jobs with flexible and evolving training content.

Career Development

Empower your employer brand

Learn how Captivo is helping to make learning culture a core value that ensures employee satisfaction and business performance.
Make learning your strength

Captivo's features

Grow your Captivo at your own pace. Our learning platform centralizes multiple modules and features
that you can add to the platform at any time, depending on your training and growth needs.

Training content
  • Complete training content management
  • Templates
  • Text, videos, files, hyperlinks
  • Assignments, surveys, quizzes, lessons, forums, glossary and many other resources
  • Sequencing and activities' grouping
  • Lives activities' participation tracking
Multiple attributes
  • Costs
  • Expiration
  • Favorites
  • Interests
Trainer management
  • Associating trainers to training activities
  • Pedagogical tools management
Delivery modes
  • Virtual
  • In person
  • Hybrid

Reimagine your corporate
e-learning process

Maintain the relationship between your co-workers by enhancing remote work
and boost your teams performance with a captivating platform.